About Us

Professional & Reliable

Scot Presley is the Broker at Presley Financial. He received a Finance degree from San Diego State University in 1988 and started the mortgage brokerage in 1993. During our 25+ years in business, he has worked with several hundred satisfied clients, and has successfully brokered over a billion in financing. This depth of experience enables him to quickly analyze what needs to be done to get you into the best rate and program possible.

  • Hands-On Personal Attention

    Scot directly has hands-on personal attention to every loan. This ensures that any issues are foreseen from day one and that any potential problems are avoided. This means there will be no surprises, and that you will be insulated from unnecessary paperwork, effort, and stress.

  • Nations Best Wholesale Lender

    Over 25 years we have learned which are the best wholesale lenders to work with as far as pricing and service. This ensures your loan goes to the best funding source for your scenario the first time.

  • Transparent and Honest

    Unlike most other Brokers and Lenders that don't provide actual pricing on their websites, we incorporate the live pricing from 50 wholesale lenders based on your inputs, so that YOU can actually run a customized rate search directly yourself. Scot can then usually BETTER this price to you further upon manually applying any discounts, bonuses, or pricing specials that lenders may be offering. He also will go through and analyze the resulting best price wholesale lenders’ policies, procedures, overlays, and restrictions, which can only be done manually or through prior experience, to confirm the best rate for you.

  • Accurate!

    We provide a highly-detailed 1-page spreadsheet that shows the cash flows and financial analysis so that you can see an ACCURATE cash flow of the complete transaction up-front from day one. This is especially useful for buyers on purchase transactions, so that they can see all of the combined loan and transaction related cash flows on one easy-to-understand page. Scot prides himself on preparing this highly accurate spreadsheet up-front on every loan so that you are never confused.

  • Access Special or Unique Products

    Scot is also an Associate Broker with one of the nation’s largest mortgage brokerages. This enables us, if the need arises, to offer products out of literally thousands of rate and program guideline variations that smaller brokerages, or larger mortgage bankers trying to sell their own "banked" products, are unable or unwilling to offer.

We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

The Principles We Live By Are......Always Be Honest..... Always Honor Our Word.......Always Do What Is Right

Scot Presley - Presley Financial